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Is Vitalisty Superboost safe if I'm allergic to scallops?

I recently purchased the NutriBullet with 2 containers of Vitality Superboost. I have a question and a request for someone from NutriLiving. 1. On the container under "Allegen Information" it says "Made in factory that processes shellfish". I'm allergic to scallops but not shellfish in general. I'm wondering if I should be concerned about using the Vitality Superboost as a supplement for this reason. 2. Can someone send me a more detailed list of the ingredients with percentages used in the Vitality Superboost. It really only shows percentages of sodium, potassium and vitamin C on the container. The stuff is pretty expensive if that's primarily what's included.

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5 years ago

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Great Qs!
1) The allergen statement is to make you aware that there could be some cross contamination of shellfish during the manufacturing of the food product, however, this doesn't state that it contains shellfish. These statements are required by law on packaging in case of severe allergies. You should be fine, but if you do not feel comfortable or are severely allergic to the smallest amounts then avoid it.
2) The ingredient list is listed in order of weight so the ingredient with the most weight is listed first and so on. We cannot disclose exact percentages as it is a proprietary blend.
Does that mean that the Superboost could be packed with 95% pea protein which is listed first? My intention isn't to reverse engineer the product, I just need a idea of what I'm getting for my hard earned dollars.
I understand. However, I am not allowed to give out this information and to be honest for this product I do not know the exact breakdown myself as it was formulated prior to me coming on board. It is not 95% protein I can say for sure -you'd be able to notice that if the protein amount on the Supplement Fact label had more than the 3g per serving it contains. Just by looking at the label and calculating, I see it has about 80% calories from protein (most of this would be from the pea protein, but could be coming from some of the other ingredients in smaller quantities). So, I'd guesstimate btwn 60-80% pea protein.

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