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Is there a substitute for flax or pineapple?

I have been a diabetic (pre and full) for 30 years. I also have IBS which is triggred by any vegetable in the Cabbage famiy and flax. Many of the receipes I am seeing call for flax, do you have a recommendation for a substitute? Also, many of the recipies call for Pineapples. These are to sweet for me, any recommendation for a substitute?

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4 years ago

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I would suggest using hemp seeds instead of flax and monitoring your symptoms. If you have a reaction, I would discontinue use and I can make additional suggestions. Instead of pineapple, you may want to try papaya as it contains digestive enzymes similar to pineapple. You could also try mango in place of pineapple, but this is still pretty sweet. Lower glycemic fruits like apple, pears, berries and cherries may be a better option.

4 years ago

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I need to know if the bullet breaks down the cellulose for digestion. I have no gallbladder and was told not to eat raw vegetables or fruits. I have irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid issues, and celiac disease also. I really need help.
The NutriBullet does not break down cellulose, but it will break down the size of the particles. I would suggest finding a local dietitian that can help you understand the best diet for your body due to all your restrictions. I do not want to make a general suggestion without understanding your dietary needs and medical background. Here is a great link where you can find a local RD:

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