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Are there any no-fruit recipes?

On the slow carb/paleo diet. No fruit except one day a week. Trying to get down to single digit body fat and be able to recover my muscles quickly but not necessarily gain mass. If you have fruitless recipes for fat loss and muscle recovery please share them with me! Thx!

So far my post work/early evening nutriblast consists of:

Various leafy Greens
Various Nuts
Spoon full of Almond butter
Spoon full of coconut oil
Clove of raw garlic
Scoop of BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid Powder) for muscle recovery
Splash o water
Touch of stevia

I feel like I need to find a good sugar free, non-dairy protein powder and other ingredients for wieght loss. Need feedback from someone who knows more than me, please help! Thx!

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4 years ago

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My suggestion is to head to our recipes page and insert an ingredient...then see if there's a recipe that suits your needs or one that you can alter a bit. A plant-based protein that I really like is Plant Fusion, however there may be some sugar in it...I'd have to check. Here are some other good ones you can look into:

What about this recipe here: (replacing the apple with something else or omitting it)

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