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How can I avoid divertuculitis attacks?

I am so excited to start using my NutriBullet but first I have a few questions.

I have been suffering with diverticulosis quick often. I have had about five attacks in 2013 and one just now in 2014.

Two of the attacks have landed me in the hospital. I was hoping you could tell me what fruits and veggies would help me with this.

I also have been staying away from ALL seeds and nuts. I am not sure if I should be incorporating this into the NutriBullet.

Thanks for your help!!!!

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5 years ago

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Diverticulosis can be tricky subject because certain people respond differently to certain foods. The research says that seeds and nuts should be ok to use but some people report having problems with them. You know your body best and should be able to identify which foods bother you and eliminate those from your diet. If you have not figured out which specific foods bother you, I would suggest keeping a food and symptom diary.

This can help you assess what foods might be a potential problem for you and what foods to avoid. You should be ok with most foods in the NutriBullet as it breaks foods up to a liquid consistency. I would suggest avoiding strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Blend your food well and experiment with only several foods at a time. Include foods like ginger, turmeric, cherries, dark leafy greens, green tea, blueberries, edamame, cacao... as these are all anti-inflammatory foods. If you know that any of these bother you, do not use.

Try sticking to a bland diet when you are recording your food symptoms and add foods in one at a time. This will help pinpoint which foods are bothersome.

5 years ago

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