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Are there any good recipes for prostatitis?

About 4 months ago I was diagnosed with prostatitis. I went through the normal treatment with antibiotics. I originally felt better for a couple of months, but now I feel like the symptoms are coming back. Constipation, discomfort in my man region. It almost feels like a UTI but I don't think it is. I also sometimes feel kind d of nauseous. I also do not sleep very well. If anything wakes me up in the middle of the night, I cannot go back to sleep. I just got my Nutribullet and looking for some good recipes to help me out.

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5 years ago

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While there is no research for foods that help heal prostatitis, there may be some foods that can help reduce symptoms as well as some herbal treatments that have shown promise for some people.
Some potential herbal treatments for prostatitis include cernilton (rye grass), quercetin (a chemical found in green tea, onions and other plants) and extract of the saw palmetto plant. Minerals and vitamins for prostate health include zinc (sesame and pumpkin seeds), selenium (Brazil nuts) and vitamins E (almonds, greens, papaya, sunflower seeds) and D (fish and fortified non-dairy milks).

Antimicrobials may help for bacterial prostatitis. Some foods with anti-microbial properties include garlic, ginger, cranberry, lemon/lime, turmeric, oil of oregano, and cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil.
Please discuss any dietary changes with your Dr. to make sure it is appropriate for you. Changing diet or taking warm baths may help.

These are all just suggestions and may or may not be appropriate for you. It may take some experimenting. In the meantime, choose foods to help ease your pain and discomfort. A quick search here on NutriLiving should help you there!

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