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Can I use garlic to help lower cholesterol?

Hi!  I have high cholesterol.  I'm a newbie on the nutribullet.  Before  the nutribullet I was juicing and then stopped.  I would use beets, spinach, carrot, apple, ginger, garlic.  I am wondering can garlic be used in the nutribullet?  I know that garlic helps lower cholesterol.  I also notice there are most blast in the booklet that came with it, has a lot of fruit.  Are there any vegetable blasts?  On the booklet the picture I see what looks like carrots,  cucmber or zucchini...Where can I find the vegetable recipes, and are zucchini allowed?  Need help with what veggies can be used. 

Thank you!

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5 years ago

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Of course you can use veggies! And yes, garlic can be added to a NutriBlast. Check out our NutriBullet Extraction Prep chart which will tell you how to prep almost any NB ingredient you'd like.

For vegetable-based Blasts we've got some in our forums and recipes right here on NutriLiving.

Hi, I've found a comprehensive list of veggies and fruits I can use to lover my cholesterol . I was wondering do you agree with the list and can I use them in my Nutri? :)

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