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How frequently should I use a recipe to see the benefits?

I'm enjoying my nutribullet and can feel the difference in my desire to eat more or eat sweets.  My one burning question is how often do I use the same recipe to get the benefits from it?  There are so many different issues I want to combat, but not knowing how often to use a recipe for say, anti-aging is stumping me.

It would be nice to have a chart or gauge as to how often to drink the same juice. Thanks.

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5 years ago

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Joye in addition to the great info Krista gave you I would suggest have fun making the blast and don't get too caught up in the technical aspects of which foods. All veggies and fruits are anti-aging very healthy, some just more than others. Use at least 3 times more veggies than fruits daily. Simple suggestions..

Try to get every color at least once per day

deeper brighter colors typically have more antioxidants

add nuts and seeds for essentially fatty acids and protein

raw cocao (chocolate) is the highest antioxidant food and it is loaded with many vitamins and minerals. I have chocolate everyday. Add it to your blast. Milk chocolate is not healthy.

add spices like ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, turmeric and cayenne to boost health and flavor

You can also use coconut water, green tea, raw apple cider vinegar and raw honey for a health boost and for flavor.

Healthy wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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Joye keep in mind this is food and not medicine so there are not set "dosages" per se that are required to reap benefits. Each of us is unique in that our body responds to healthy eating at different rates. It may depend on what you were previously eating and for how long and also what you are currently eating along with other lifestyle habits (exercise, stress reduction, environmental toxins, etc.).

My suggestion would be to vary up your recipes so that you reap the nutritional benefits from the widest variety of fruits and veggies and boosts! Most recipes cross over and benefits all types of ailments.
You may begin to notice improvement within a day or it may take a few weeks or months. The main thing is that you are consuming much more plant-based foods that are rich in a variety of nutrients that have been shown by science to help heal the body from the inside out.

Happy Blasting :)

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