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How can I add healthy calories to a liquid diet?

My Husband had Oral Cancer surgery 5 years ago accompanied by radiation and chemo-therapy. Although he is cancer free with no risk of that cancer returning he was left with no saliva, very little taste and since half of his tongue was grafted in the surgery, very little ability to manipulate food in his mouth. His epiglottis is also largely nonfunctional making it scary to try to wash down food that may find its way into his windpipe.  He has been on a liquid diet for the past 5 years and the only way he has been able to keep his weight up is through making shakes with Ensure Plus, bananas and other fruits, ice cream and Almond Milk. We also use Jay Robb Whey protein powder and Vega One powder in each shake. In order to maintain his weight he has been using 5-6 bottles of ensure plus each day with the other ingredients I mentioned. There is diabetes in his family and I am concerned that this will become a problem down the road. I also wish there were a more nutritious way for him to get his required caloric intake.  I have tried using only Almond milk with the protein powder and fruits and vegetables but his weight dropped drastically.  Do you have any suggestions for an alternate diet plan?

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5 years ago

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Adding in some calorie-dense foods like cold-pressed coconut oil, avocado, hemp seeds, nuts, seeds, nut butters like almond butter and using coconut milk will help increase the calories in his Blast and hopefully help keep the weight on.

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