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What suggestions do you have for constipation?

I've been blasting for some time, but my Cholesterol levels were still high at 8.1, so the GP has put me on Lipitor 10mg at the same time I have hit the Menopause and although blasting I have now been put on HRT, because nothing was helping, to top it all my hair began falling out.  Now I know this is a common factor with age and my hairdresser suggested supplements for hair, skin and nails. I have been on the Lipitor 10mg and HRT for 6 weeks and have been fine, no problems, but I have just become extremely constipated and wondered if there was anything that would aid that...I already drink loads of water, along with my blasts and eat healthy, so at a loss.

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5 years ago

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Thank you so much Krista, I ended up at the 'out of hours' surgery and they have given me Micralax, which helps, but is not a long term solution. I have been incorporating prunes, but was told that Kiwi fruit is very good also. Hopefully with the added ingredients, lots of water, which I drink anyway and exercise, things will return to normal...I will keep you posted! Thanks again!

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