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How long should I stay on phase one for detox?

I'm on phase 1, how long should I do this for and what time of day is best?

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4 years ago

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If you are referring to the 6 Week Transformation Plan, everything is outlined in the book! Each phase is two weeks long. The Blasts are set up for breakfast in phase one and then breakfast and lunch in phase 2. However, you may make modifications to fit your lifestyle.
The phase 1 is breakfast? I read the book and didn't understand that to be breakfast, so the detox is supposed to be for breakfast, well I have several questions what it calls for the nutribullet does not all fit in the tall cup I know it says all fruits and vegetables vary in size with that being said my husband and I have been substitute the detox for dinner, 1 cup spinach 1 cup pineapple 1 banana half apple half pear is all I can fit in instead of the whole apple and pear that it suggests is that not right? Should it be for breakfast as we need to detox first but I'm not sure.
Apologies! Some of our first recipes were a bit too much. Feel free to use the recipe as a guide for ratios and ingredient ideas and stay below the max line. Most recipes since the release of our first book you should have no problem fitting in the cups. I'm not quite sure I'm following what you are asking... Are you talking about the 6 Week Transformation Plan outlined in the user guide and recipe book? Or are you talking about a specific detox recipe or one of our cleanses posted in our cleanse forum? The 6 Week plan starts with phase 1...this is one NutriBlast the first meal in the morning then a healthy whole foods meal at lunch and progresses from there. If it works better for you to Blast at dinner then feel free to make adjustments.

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