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What should I be aware of with congestive heart failure?

I love my Nutribullet and what I've learned and experienced thru its use, now I'd like to share the goodness with my 86 year old father with CHF.  I want to put together ready to go "packages"s of fruits and veges he can keep in his freezer (maybe 1 weeks worth at a time). He could pull one out, let it set a number of minutes, and blend for a couple of drinks a day. My concern is; are there any combos that are a red flag combo for someone with Congestive Heart Failure? He lives in an apartment with my mom who has macular degeneration, so it's up to me to come up with some easy use packaging to assure continued use and benefits. I believe in the Nutribullet benefits, and am hoping the nutritonal value will benefit my father( who doesn't like his veges!!) as well.  

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4 years ago

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The most important nutrient to consider is sodium and fluid. Sodium will keep water on the body, making it harder to eliminate, which is already a concern for someone with CHF. As long as you are not adding any salt to your Blast, including a variety of fruits and vegetables is a crucial part of a healthy diet. I would double check with your fathers doctor to make sure it will not interfere with any medications and continue to monitor him for fluid retention. If there is any sign of fluid retention, take him to the doctor immediately.

4 years ago

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