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What can I Blast on a neutropenic diet?

I have been put on a Neutropenic Diet because of chemo.......which really bummed me out as I was a HUGE Nutribullet fan. Any suggestions on what I can juice and I am soooooo missing my greens!!!!!

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6 years ago

Official Answer

Auanurse, certainly you need to ask your doctor because they have prescribed this diet for you.

This diet is protective to reduce the risk of infection from food born bacteria. The diet is basically to eat very well cooked foods and nothing that is uncooked or not pasteurized.

However You can use cooked foods in your NutriBullet just like you would raw foods. You can also take enzyme supplements to help with digestion since cooking destroys the enzymes.

Keep blasting with cooked foods that meet the diet criteria.

Healthy Wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.

6 years ago

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So does this mean that everything green and raw that I used before can be cooked and then blasted? I miss my greens. I have been told that I cannot have salads or strawberries. What if I wash and freeze my greens? Or use frozen strawberries? I was blasting everyday and came to a halt when I was told that I could not have a lot of what I was blasting. I am pale and on the anemic side and I know blasting will change all of this............any suggestions or directions? Thanks!!

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