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What are ingredient options for someone with hypothyroidism?

I bought my Nutribullet three days ago and I'm loving it. I am hypothyroid and take synthroid. I've been using spinach and strawberries which are. I want to use more greens than fruit for my ingredients. I also have PCOS and don't need the sugar. Romaine seems like a better choice than kale, spinach or watercress but are those the only green options for someone with hypothyroidism? Which recipes and boosts would you recommend? For boosts, maybe Chia seeds, almonds, kelp powder? Flax is a goitrogen.

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5 years ago

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I would suggest cooking most of your greens but you can use lower goitrogen greens like celery, beetroot, beetroot leaves, romaine lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, lemon, oranges and melon, to name a few. Here is an informative infographic: Here are some articles from the NL website with more info:,, Since PCOS is related to an insulin resistance, if you are overweight, a moderate amount of weight loss can help improve your condition. Adding 15-30 minutes of exercise, even if its just walking, can help improve your bodies hormone sensitivity. Including foods that will help keep your blood sugar stable, will help decrease symptoms. Use foods like sweet potatoes, legumes, dark leafy greens, raw oats, almond butter, edamame beans (in moderation), hemp seeds, chia seeds, spirulina, watercress and flax seeds to keep blood sugar stable. Looking at your current diet and eliminating refined carbohydrates like white breads, white rice, pastas and sodas, processed foods and sweets can also help improve insulin resistance. It is beneficial to not consume things like contaminated fish, non organic dairy (may be best to avoid dairy completely as to not introduce added hormones), drinking from BPA free bottles and not using BPA plastics and canned foods. If you are into alternative medicine, here is a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach: (there are some great dietary suggestions at the end of this page) I also wanted to recommend this site for more information!

5 years ago

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Wow, I really didn't know all that about thyroid greens. I have a green blast every day! I take it away from my thyroid medication. I will find out about my bloodwork in a week. It will be interesting to see if these blasts have effected my thyroid!
Thank you Sarah! This info is just what I needed.

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