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Will I get the same nutrients from frozen fruit?

I've been using my NB for about a month and its has done wonders for my arthritis, I contribute this to the use of pineapple. My question is now that winter is approching and fresh fruit including Pineapple will be hard to find, will I get the same nutrients if I purchase frozen fruits. I am also curious if I cut up my veggies like carrots and beets ahead of time and keep them stored in a air thight container are they just as potent by weeks end. I am starting my mom on a NB drink but she has high blood pressure should I be avoiding any ingredients untill I see her Dr. Thank you.

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5 years ago

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Freezing shouldn't harm the nutrients at all. I freeze 99% of the fruit I put in the Nutribullet, most of which I buy fresh. Keeps if from spoiling, and makes the blast nice and cold.
September 13, 2013
Thank you for the link, good to know.
Freezing actually preserves the nutrients!

If you cut up carrots and raw beets, store them in some water so they do not lose their crunch and hydration. A little bit in the bottom of the container is perfect...some people soak them in the cold water which works too.

If you mom is taking any blood pressure medication, please be sure there are no food/drug interactions and if so avoid those foods. Focus on plenty of potassium-rich produce and avoid salty foods (most processed, frozen foods and take-out or restaurant foods are loaded with more salt than you need in a day).

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