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What ingredients are in NutriLiving products?

I have food allergies and would appreciate seeing an ingredient list/servings per package for your products you offer for sale in your Store.

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5 years ago

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We carry a variety of blends. Which ones in particular are you interested in and what type of allergies are you concerned with? That way I can better answer your Q!
I have gluten issues but would be interested to know what the ingredients are for all of your SuperFoods products.
The blends we have available at this time, the Superfood SuperBoost (SFSB), the SuperGreens (SG), the Fat Burning Boost (FBB), and the Energy Boost (EB) all are free of gluten-containing ingredients, however at this time, we only have gluten-free certification on the Superfood SuperBoost and the SuperGreens. We are currently waiting for the other two. Ingredients (all Organic certified): SFSB - cacao, chia, goji, maca powders SG - spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella, and alfalfa grass powders FBB - cacao, whole chia, green tea, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric powders EB - hemp seed, chia seed, maca, guayusa, green tea, beet root powders

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