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What's the ideal calorie total per NutriBlast?

Just wondering what is the ideal calorie total we should be aiming for in a Nutriblast? I realize these are meal replacements, but I'm wondering if this is too high for breakfast?  I used myfitnesspal's calorie database:

Apple - 65
Cashews 1/4 cup - 160
Flax Seed - tsp - 37
Avocodo 1/2 medium - 125
Spinach / Romaine mix - 20
Total - 407

Granted, I am full until lunch, which is usually a salad and greek yogurt, but I'm wondering if this is too high in calories for breakfast? If so, any suggestions on how I can make something similar with less calories?

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5 years ago

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Calorie amounts really depend on your total goal for the day. If you are eating three meals a day and each one is around 400 calories then you are consuming about 1200 calories a day. Depending on your gender, activity level and metabolism this may not be enough calories for you. Generally you want to have your highest calorie meals for breakfast and lunch. Dinner should be light.

5 years ago

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