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Should I eat raw cruciferous vegetables?

Hi, Can you please give me your thoughts about eating cruciferous veggies such as kale and broccoli raw?  I have been reading some articles that say these items are not a good idea to eat raw because of something it can do to the thyroid.  I do not have a thyroid problem, but I drink kale and broccolli 2 x daily.  Is there anything wrong with eating these raw?  I see alot of the recipes in the Nutribullet book call for kale.

Also, is there any veggies or fruit you would not recommend to blast raw? Thanks.

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6 years ago

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Hi Sean. Great question and you are right, if you have thyroid problems, cruciferous veggies can cause some added strain to the thyroid. If you have a healthy thyroid, you do not have to worry about it.

There are a ton of nutrients in cruciferous veggies and they are an extremely important part of a healthy diet!

Here are some ideas for new smoothies that aren't too heavy on the cruciferous veggies if you want some variety to your routine.

6 years ago

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If you have a healthy thyroid, then these goitrogenic foods should not be an issue. However, it is good to rotate your ingredients in order to reap the many benefits of a variety foods. Check out these articles here for more details! It's always a good idea to take care of your thyroid and there are certain foods that can help you do that!

For your second Q, here's a handy prep chart for your Blasting needs!
As far as raw veggies go, you can blast away! Over at the office here we have some fearless blasters who have blasted every veggie and fruit that comes through our door, even onions! You just have to play with the flavors to see what you like the best.

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