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Can you use frozen fruit in place of fresh fruit?

Can you use frozen fruit in place of fresh fruits. I am losing fruits during holds between shakes. Is there an benefit to fresh that's worth the loss. Is ground turmeric just as good as the pieces. Can't find it anywhere. Also how is it that some recipes call for X amount of ingredients but won't fit in tall cup. I had to split the directions in half to make the Toxin elixir.

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5 years ago

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Yes, frozen fruits are a great option. Ground turmeric is better than no turmeric at all but the fresh is best. Since fruit and veggie size vary, the recipes may not always fit into your cup. As long as you are getting a blend of all ingredients, don't worry about following the recipe exactly as it is outline. You will still get all the healing benefits of having fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. Have fun with your Blasts and feel free to deviate from the recipe slightly. We encourage you to try new ingredients and find the best blend that works for you.

5 years ago

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