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How can I gain weight with food sensitivity issues?

 What can I do to rebuild my stomach lining and strengthen my digestive system?  After drinking a smoothie made with spinach, cucumber, celery, carrot, lemon and ginger I'm so bloated, is that because of the fiber?  I also need to gain weight., barely weighing 99 lbs.   struggling with food sensitivities - no gluten, corn, soy or dairy or nuts.  I think I need a colon,liver/gallbladder,kidney detox from having amalgam fillings removed.  I was hoping you could recommend some juice recipes to help me.

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5 years ago

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Check out our cleansing forum! We have three cleanses that are already designed and easy to follow. Also, check out this article here for issues with bloating: For weight gain, if there's no underlying medical issue or hormonal imbalance, then I'd suggest adding in some calorically dense ingredients into your NutriBlast such as avocado, seeds, and cold-pressed coconut oil.

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