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How long should I blend my shake?

I was told that if we blend for to long that it will affect the shake.  How long do I extract for? Currently, I keep it on for 2 - 3 minutes.

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5 years ago

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It only needs about 30-60 seconds! The Bullet may overheat if you leave it on for too long (we suggest not going longer than 60 seconds at a time) so start with less. If you need to go longer, for some reason it's not liquified completely, then stop for 30 seconds and Blast again for another round of 30-60 seconds.
I may not have all the ingredient that you suggested, but I tried blueberries with yogurt, pecans and milk and I blasted for 20 seconds and I noticed that the blueberries left specks of blue. Also I tried my first one the same way with snow peas and maybe I didn't blast long enogh but there were a few little, thread like things, I think they came from the snowvpeas. how long do you blast with that?
If you are not happy with the outcome after Blasting for at least 60 seconds and even after a second round, then it may be that it's time for you to get a new blade. Give Customer Service a call at 1-855-346-8874.

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