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What sort of foods help with digestion after gall bladder removal?

I've only had my Nutribullet for a whopping 24 hours but I'm hoping that the blasts will help with weight loss, digestion issues and just overall improved health. I know there are some recipes for digestion but I believe they assume you have a working gall bladder and I don't. I had my surgery almost 2 years ago and even though my doctor's told me I could eat pretty much anything I wanted post surgery, they neglected to tell me that I would have major digestion issues.  So, as I began to gain weight regardless of what I ate (or didn't eat), I wasted time & money with diets, starvation and many unhealthy choices until I reflected upon when my weight issues began....then voila...the light bulb went off and I remembered it was after my surgery.  I just didn't realize the post-op problems of weight gain, bloated feeling and just lack of digestion were caused by my lack of a gall bladder until I did some google research. Anyway, I'm adding some Bitters 2x per day to my diet and some digestion enzymes (pills) and they help tremendously!!!   I'd rather use more natural methods to replace the Bitters and/or digestion enzymes, if possible.

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5 years ago

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Most often with a gallbladder removal, you'll need to reduce consumption of high fat foods - spread out fats more evenly throughout the day and maybe limit to about 3-5g/meal (discuss w/ your Dr. or RD). In addition eating high fiber foods is good as well as small, frequent meals vs. a few large ones. Also, avoiding dairy (especially the full fat versions like whole milk, ice cream and cheese) could be helpful with digestion. When Blasting, note that the fiber might be more than you are used to....take it slow and be sure to drink plenty of water (YES, I said water!) to flush it all thru. To make water a bit more palatable, try putting in some cucumber slices or lemon slices or even orange or whatever fruit you like - this infused water is so refreshing and not boring like plain water!

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