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Do I need to prepare nuts and seeds in any way before adding them to my NutriBlast?

I've never worked with raw nuts and seeds before.  Bought some today but now I'm reading on the internet that you are supposed to soak them and dehydrate them before use?  I don't have a dehydrator.  Is this right?  Do I have to do all of this in order to use the nuts and seeds in the NutriBullet Rx?  Please help.  Thanks.

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4 years ago

Official Answer

Remove the skin and seed. Here is a prep chart that can help answer any additional questions!

4 years ago

I had a look at the prep chart. I personally eat the skin and seeds of organic apples (the only kind to buy!) and do not peel anything unless the skin is blemished or shriveled, etc. To remove pesticides, rinse in Structured Water, which will neutralize all toxins energetically. To understand how this works go to and read "Scientific Minds Want to know." Structuring my water has transformed my health and life.

3 years ago

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I wonder if Chia Seeds need to be soaked before eating. Their instructions also says something about refrigerating them after opening the package. Why do dried seeds need refrigerating?
Oils in nuts can go rancid.
Soaking chia seeds turns them into a gel which makes them less likely to pass through the system undigested and thus also increases the amazing nutritional value of these little gems.

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