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Should I separate coconut oil, wheatgrass powder and maca powder?

I have just got my Nutribullet and am loving it. I have one blast for breakfast and one for lunch. I have just bought some raw organic coconut oil, wheatgrass powder and maca powder to start adding to my blasts. Would it be ok to add the coconut oil to my morning blast and then the maca and wheatgrass to my lunch one or should I separate them out more? Could I add the powders to each blast if I wanted too? Thanks for your help. Claire

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5 years ago

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There are no strict rules so it is really up to you. I always stress variety, but some people find one recipe they love and stick to it. It is fine to have the coconut oil and wheatgrass powder every day (although I'd only use it once a day each). For maca, this works best when it is not used continuously. Since it is an adaptogen, you will find that over time it is not as effective. To keep feeling the benefits (increased energy, hormone balance, etc.) then I'd suggest maybe 4 days on, three days off or use it for a couple weeks, then take a week off...
Here is a previous forum we have asking about maca:
Thanks. That is really helpful.
Hi Krista, I purchased the NutriBullet with the Superfood Superboost and now have purchased the 4 ingredients used in it. Can you please tell me the proper ratio that is used to combine these in the Superboost? Thanks, Ken.
Hey Ken. I believe Krista sent you a direct message about this topic.

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