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Can I eat popcorn if I have diverticulosis?

Is it a bad idea if you eat popcorn if you have diverticulosis?

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5 years ago

Official Answer

It is typically not recommended.

5 years ago

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This recommendation to avoid nuts, seeds, etc. is no longer supported by most health providers, however please discuss appropriate personal dietary suggestions with your primary Dr.
I seem to have had very good luck with the nutriblast and its recipes although I use less banana because of my diabetes and I am afraid to have too much sugar and I am pretty used to eating this that are not very sweet anyway. I have been adding spinach and celery with no ill effects and hope to be adding broccoli which is supposed to be good for me also. I am a little concerned about eating so much banana, but will wait to see what my A1c test says when I go to the doctor. My sugar monitor tests are good, much better than they were. And I think I am losing a little weight also.

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