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Does Nutriblast cause any side effects like lightheadedness?

I just had my first Nutriblast yesterday and loved it however after just a few sips I got just a tad lightheaded and could feel a change in my body. It was kind of weird and I also felt like I had just had a few cups of coffee because I could feel the nerves in my body, almost like a bolt of energy. The nutriblast i had contained banana, apple, pineapple, spinach, pear and water. I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety and it is a MAJOR change in my diet.

Now I do take an anti depressant/anxiety medication and I currently have a cold. I spoke with my doctor about using the nutribullet and she said it should be fine. I plan to speak with her again about what I experienced but my question is has anyone else experienced anything like this? And is there any idea as to why I experienced this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I bought the Nutribullet so I could get healthier and hopefully lower my medication so when this happened I was a bit disappointed. Thanks.

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6 years ago

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hmmm...I certainly haven't had this reaction; mine have only been positive, i.e. more energy, light healthy feeling, ...could it have been a major change from your daily nutritional habits in any way? Is the change to using the NutriBullet a great deal different from your usual eating habits is what I'm trying to ask...are you not at an optimum weight for your height and possibly limiting yourself too much? Hang in there and think are smart to consult your physician, but NutriBullet will put you on the right track eventually!
March 28, 2013
With that much high glycimic fruits, banana, apple, pineapple , I would think the glycemic load was very high.
Thanks guys! I talked to my pharmacist too and she said it was probably a sugar rush. I just followed the recipe of the phase one nutriblast but I actually do love vegitables and am going to find one that is all veggies :)
I would agree there is a lot of sugar in that blast. Try using more veggies and some nuts or seeds with it. Healthy Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Danielle, with the limited information it is hard to tell. It could be an interaction with your medications. Most antidepressants have potential food and/or drug interactions. The one in this recipe that I'd guess could pose a problem might be the pineapple, however I do not know for certain. Let us know what your Dr. says.

Have you tried any NutriBlasts since this one and did you get the same reaction?

You also say it is a MAJOR change in your diet so this could just be a "shock" to your body. Keep us posted!
A good all veggie blast is 1 Handful of spinach 4 Broccoli cloves 1 celery stick tsp of chia seeds It is really

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