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Can I freeze my greens?

Hello this is Hector. I'm a new nutribullet user. I brought greens and vegetables for my nutribullet, but realized the nutribullet doesn't need that much greens because it's a small cup. In the supermarket they don't sell small amounts of greens. And I think they only last a couple of days in the fridge. Can i freeze my greens? Can i make a nutriblast and freeze it?

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5 years ago

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Hi Hector,
On the Pocket Nutritionist that came with your unit there's some tips on how to store/freeze your greens.
We buy spinach & kale in a bulk pack, remove it from the original packaging and place it in one of those new type of green or blue bags made for storing fruits and vegetables. I usually throw a paper towel in with it to absorb excess moisture. Our produce lasts well beyond 1 week in the refrigerator this way and between two of us "blasting" everyday, we generally run out before having to throw out any.
Hi Hector,
I have found that buying my greens in the plastic containers or save it to put the bag type in. What I do as soon as I open the container and use it. I place a clean paper towel right on top of the greens and replace the lid. If the towel becomes to wet during the week change it for a clean dry one. I have found that my greens last up to 2 weeks or more like this.
Not tried freezing them yet,I might look into that too for myself.
I use frozen spinach n frozen kale , is fine too me
I buy the bagged kale and spinach mix! Sometimes it is on sale for bogo so I get two. Throw one in the freezer and it maintains the color so I am assuming the nutrients are maintained too.
I am highly mobile for work so I have started to "individualize" my ingredients for each Blast. I take one freezer safe storage ziploc bag for each blast. Put the greens, and many vegetables all together in each bag. Freeze them overnight and I have had great results. I make 6 bags (2 blasts for each of the 3 days I'm away from the kitchen) and blend 1 blast (at the nearest electrical outlet) as needed. Good luck dude!
Wow, I did not know we could use frozen greens. Does it work just as well as fresh?
For me, this is truly the best information I've ever read on these blogs. You're The Best!
I agree! Great info!
Hello Krista, i recently bought the nutri bullet rx. And and just went to the grocery store and bought tons of fruits and veggies. And almond and wallnuts. I Have Severe ulcerative colitis that is being treated with meds. But i have read about suggestions to cook all or most raw vegetables as im not quite in remission. My question is when i cook these veggies first before storing in freezer does it change the storage life and will the nutrients be minimized from cooking? Thanks for any input!!
January 20, 2014
Hi Hector,
I buy fresh greens and they last 2 weeks easy. If yours dont then you could try a different store and check you fridg. I do not put them in the crisper, I put them on the bottom shelf, that seems to give them the best temperature to last. Spinach last about 1 and 1/2 weeks. the rest last longer for me.
Lar-Marine..Thank you for information.Im going to store to get ziploc bags
I lay greens, grapes, peeled bananas etc on trays . Freeze for an hour then put in bags. It assures they dont stick together and you can take out what you need without clumping.
I am also new to this but I just recently started putting my fruits and veggies in baggies and freezing them. One baggie per day and it saves me time in the morning. Every Sunday will be my smoothie prep day! The greens hold up very well! I even add my seeds and oats. I might even try freezing plain greek yogurt in ice cube trays and add a cube or two to each baggie!!
I purchase pre-washed spinach,. throw it in a freezer bag,. and it is fine. I have also washed my grapes and put in freezer bag with no problem. I am glad the dietitian answered that the nutrients are stable.
Freezing is a very efficient way to "pre-process" your shakes. I've found that it's best to slightly thaw or break apart the frozen food in the packettes before you put it in the Bullet. If the chunk of food is large (and frozen solid) it might damage the blades.

Wonder about nutrition? Everything I've ever read on the subject actually indicates that freezing not only doesn't reduce nutritional values but, the sooner the food is frozen after picking the better. Here is a recent article on the subject that goes into more detail: ;-D
February 13, 2015
I freeze... Everything... my budget forces me too. All fruits and veggies.. I even have all my nuts in the freezer as well. And I keep all my seeds stored in the refrigerator... Is there a certain fruit or veggie that shouldn't be frozen?? Thank you for your help
I freeze my spinach and kale
To those who freeze there greens, do you blanch them, wash them before freezing or just freeze straight from the store?
March 15, 2015
I use Green bags for my kale and spinach, veggies keeps them fresh for about two weeks but my vegies are usually gone by the end of the week .

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