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How long does it take for the Blasts to take effect?

Just wondering : how long does it take, for let's say ,the vita-berry blast, to take effect. And for how long will that effect last ? So in other worths how long do you need to take a blast to be effective on a long term ?!

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4 years ago

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Remember, these are foods, not medicine so there really is no set dosage :)

The way these recipes are designed is to incorporate ingredients shown to have specific benefits (in research and ancient medicine). By choosing more of these foods and less unhealthy foods, you should begin to feel better!

The timing varies for each individual depending on what else you are eating in your diet, other lifestyle habits (think sleep, smoking, drinking, exercise, etc.), and how long you may have been eating the not-so-good stuff.

Remember to get in a variety of ingredients to reap the benefits for overall health and that eating healthy is a lifestyle change - not something you do and then stop once you start seeing results!!

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