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What foods are allowed on the six-week transformation?

My father and myself started the six week transformation one week ago today and we both are feeling really good about it. I've made a couple of mistakes like today when the cold noodle salad had feta in it which means I had protein with my carbs but I'm learning and won't do that again. I also found out how much bad stuff salad dressings have in them and I will start making my own as well. I know I have a bunch of questions but only a couple ate coming to mind right now. First question, can I have cereal in the morning with my nutribullet shake on the six week program? Next, on the weekend I wanted to have popcorn at night with my son but that's carbs right and if so that's not allowed on the six week program at night only for lunch right? Last, my father and I aren't really exercising while doing this program at first and we are wondering if we will see results because of that and are these testimonials that we see on either here or YouTube all with exercise and six week program (nutribullet)?  Thanks for helping us out if you have time! Derek

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5 years ago

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First, I want to start off by saying that "food combining" has not been shown by science to be something that everyone must stick to. This approach is often used by those who have digestive issues. Protein combined with carbs is actually necessary at certain times - like for example after someone exercises to replenish lost glycogen stores and to help rebuild and repair muscle tissue.
So, that being said...don't fret about the combining unless you have digestive issues. I would avoid dairy while on the transformation plan. I've had several people feel better and lose weight once they give up the cheeses and other dairy foods.
To answer your questions...When you say cereal, I'd say steer away from the cold processed cereals. These are often laden with sugar and are mainly refined carbs. If you'd like cereal, a nice bowl of gluten-free oatmeal or quinoa make a great breakfast!
Popcorn is considered a whole grain - just be sure to get organic, non-GMO corn as most of our corn is genetically modified. It is a carb, but it is a whole grain with a reasonable glycemic index and low glycemic load which means it won't spike blood sugar as much as a processed, refined grain do. It is also low in calories and high in fiber so if you are trying to lose weight , then it is a great snack option. Just be sure you don't overdo it - too much of anything is not good.
Food is about 70% of the weight loss equation, with exercise as 30%. You need both for optimal health! Try to fit in anything possible - even just a light walk for about 15-20 minutes and then work up from there :) You will most likely see changes if you just stick with the NutriBullet plan, but adding some physical activity will kick it up a notch and provide additional benefits!
Is there any reference material i can see online regarding the six week transformation?
The Plan can be found in both the Natural Healing Foods book as well as the user Guide and recipe book. It was not designed to be a weight loss plan, but simply a plan to help you start Blasting and eating healthier. Weight loss is a side effect that several people have seen :)
Thats fine, I dont have my book with me, So I was wondering if the six week plan was online. I'm just starting out with my NutriBullet and want to start out with a good foundation, although weight loss would be sweet as well !
The plan is not online but you can look at similar cleanse plans if you are interested:

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