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Can I use the vegetables in V8 juice?

I love V8 juice in the morning but it contains a lot of sodium. I looked at the ingredients label and was wondering if I could make a blast using those ingredients. I figure it would cut out or down on the sodium since I'd be making it fresh. There is no listing of amounts so I would have to experiment until I get it right. The ingredients are from first to last - Tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach. Other than the lettuce itĀ appears to have theĀ vegetables used for a blast. Is this a usable recipe?

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5 years ago

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I just started blasting myself this month and I believe you can create your own recipes! So myself, I say: Go for it! Would love to see more comments on this! As long as you don't go past the Max line, but you will need to add some water, you need liquid!
Thanx jforget. I'm just starting out myself and have been reading and researching everything beforehand. After I posted this I started searching the ingredients on this site and found a blast called the Tomato Toddie. It looks pretty close to the V8 ingredients. I'm starting out with a cleanse and after completing that I will try it out.
I do a lot of reading myself and research and found that since I have problems with low thyroid, have to reduce my intake of some ingredients! That's a bummer! I search the net for "smoothies" and there are all kinds of really great recipes out there! Happy healthy blasting!

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