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Which foods can fight UTIs?

My wife and I have been using the NutriBullet for several weeks. However, she has had three or four UTI's which I am assuming is from the acidic fruit. What are the best options without using such fruit? What juices would be good to use? She also has to watch her intake of spinach due to history of blood clots and taking cumodin. Is kale a better substitute or does it have alot of Vitamin K?

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5 years ago

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UTI's are not from consuming acidic fruit. UTI comes from the wrong bacteria coming from anal area into the vaginal area. Wiping the wrong way, and intercourse can move the bacteria. They also say women in menapause are more prone to it, but I believe if you are ultra careful and clean down there, taking steps to prevent these, you can eliminate them for good. I did. Good luck.
I understand that cranberry juice is helpful to prevent uti, which I have been drinking for awhile because at this age in time in my life 69, I have an uti concern is even if the juice says no sugar added, there is still 34 grams of do I prevent weifght gain from all this sugar intake...what are my alternatives?
Cranberry juice has a lot of research support for its benefits to fight UTIs: Also, here's some info on Vitamin K: Kale has more vitamin K than spinach, but they aren't too different... Cranberries have some vitamin K, but not a lot. As long as you keep the vitamin K level consistent and your Dr. is aware, then you should be ok. Discuss any dietary change w/ your Dr.

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