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Should I mill flax seed or leave it whole?

I've been using my Nutribullet for about a month and I want to incorporate flax seeds in. Do/should I mill them before using or leave them whole. I eat a raw oatmeal blend that has whole flax, oats & quinoa in the AM and I do fine. Just not sure about the drink.

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5 years ago

Official Answer

The best way to eat flax, is in a ground up form. Your body can not break down whole flax seeds, so grinding it allows your body to utilize the healthy fats on the inside. You can throw whole ones into your NutriBullet and they will be broken down, or you can mill them before hand.

5 years ago

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I have found that the flax do grind down in the drink but not all the way so I started milling them first and then add in my veggies and fruits. I noticed I have more energy when they are milled because you can digest them better. You can also try mixing your seeds for an added bonus. I like raw flax seeds and raw sunflower seeds in a 50/50 mix. It reduces the nutty flavor of the sunflower seeds.
is ground meal flaxseed the same as grinding it yourself
Yes it is! Just be sure to keep this ground up flax (meal) in the fridge to prevent it from going rancid. Once the seed is broken, the heathy fats are released and are more prone to oxidation.

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