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Is fresh ginger and tumeric more beneficial than powdered?

Do you get more benefits from fresh ginger & turmeric vs powdered?

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5 years ago

Official Answer

Judi fresh is always better if comparing organic to organic or non organic to non organic. Powdered is fine as well.

During the drying stage you can lose some nutrients but not too much depending on how it is done. Some cheaper powders may have fillers in them so you do not get 100% of the spice or herb. Always read the ingredient label to be sure.

If using powdered use organic to make sure you get the very highest quality.

Healthy wishes
Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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Thank you Wally. How about fresh vs frozen fruit?
Fresh fruit is great and so is frozen fruit! Freezing fruits and vegetables actually help lock in some of the nutrients. Just make sure you prep your fruits and veggies before you freeze them.
Thanks Sarah.
Typically yes, the fresh versions have a higher nutrient content.

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