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Are there NutriBlasts for my dog?

I think the subject said it all! My baby boo is eleven and she walks slower and gimpy and I want quality of life for her!

I love my nutriblast and want to share but I'm not knowledgeble about dogs nutritional needs. Thank you! If it can do all this for me then it must be able to do all this for my dogs....

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6 years ago

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Hi there, I too have a 13 year old furkid with CHF. He shares (just a little) of my toxic blast in the morning. It has spinach, apple, pear, banana and pineapple in it. I would talk to your vet about what she can have in a blast and what she cant.
bbinmiami, I am not knowledgeable about dogs' nutritional needs. I would discuss this with the vet as I know there are certain foods like chocolate that would be harmful to her.

I have heard of many people's pets enjoying NutriBlasts...just be cautious with what you are putting in them.
I never even thought about using the NutriBullet to make blasts for animals. I wonder what your vet will say. Be sure to come back and update us!

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