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Should quinoa be raw or cooked?

I think cooked but is there any benefit raw? And if adding to NutriBullet, should it have cooled or be chilled?

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5 years ago

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Quinoa should absolutely be either cooked or sprouted. When adding anything to the NutriBullet, be sure it is cooled to either room temperature or chilled in the fridge beforehand. Heat can build up when the blade is sealed on which will create pressure inside.
I am new to blasting and am amazed at how much better I feel, besides the fact that I have lost 7 pounds in my first week of blasting! My question is in regards to Quinoa, which I never even heard of until I purchased my NutriBullet and began blasting. (chuckle) Is it ok to use raw Quinoa if you mill it first?
Yes, quinoa is technically a seed so milling it first would be just fine! I'd recommend cooking if consuming it in whole form.
I have White Quinoa in its seed form. Can I just add this as is to my blasts with other ingredients and soy milk?
Yeah! Thank you for your response and time. :)

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