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How can I add protein and calories to my shakes?

I will be starting a weight lifting routine shortly. I'm a fan of protein shakes and want to add the highest calorie ones to my diet being underweight. Is there a chart showing the calorie count of these. I'd much rather make my own than spend a small fortune on canned powder. Thanks

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5 years ago

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If you search "protein" from the home page you'll get articles, recipes and foods that are high in protein. Here is one example:

We do not have nutritional information on each of our recipes, but you can use any online calorie counter to help you calculate it. Here's a great resource for that.

The article linked above also lists foods that you can include in a NutriBlast that are higher in protein!

There are so many protein powders on the market today. Make sure if you do buy one already pre-made you look to see that the ingredients are all natural and quality! The link also has a comparison of some of the best ones out there!
I know of a good Vegan Protein made from pea protein. Arbonne has a nice one.

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