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How can I control my cholesterol without affecting my blood pressure?

Since I got back in to Nutriblasting I have Lost 60 pounds went from 270 to 210 pounds My cholesterol is Currently 177 which is in Normal range, my LDL is 121 which needs to be under 100,.. my HDL is 36 which should be higher then 40, My Triglycerides are 99 which also is in Normal Range, So I am trying to tweak my blast to get the other numbers in range as well. Here is my problem ever since I have been losing weight I barely even take BP meds anymore because I have notice that it has dropped even sometimes under normal levels, I do Take Propranolol which was prescribed to me by my doctor not for Blood Pressure reasons but for my anxiety as I suffer from Panic Attacks, I can only take Half of a 10 mg tab because it affects my Blood Pressure dropping it down 10 to15 points lower then 120 over 80. The other day I made a Blast and I took my Ubiquinol (CoQ10)100mg softgel supplement, towards the end of the night I took my BP and it was 96 over 68 which scared me, So I want to keep blasting because I know its Healthy for me and I love putting Bananas in my Blast to add flavor but I know Bananas have Potassium which can lower Blood Pressure. My Usual Blast consist of Kale, Or Spinach Or Swiss Chard and Lettuce of course rotating my greens, Flax Seeds Milled, Celery, Cucumber, One Granny Smith Medium apple, Carrots, 1 clove of Garlic, plus I throw in Fish Oil 1600 mg of Carlsons Finest Norwegian liquid Fish Oil 1 teaspoon. But I am also constipated as well I believe it has something to do with my anxiety. My Last blood pressure reading was great at 117 over 78, I really don't want it to drop anymore. Can you great Dietitians give me some advice to what I can do as far as Blasting and not lowering my BP anymore then it should be and with my Cholesterol and the Constipation, Someone told me to drink Prune Juice but that also has a lot of Potassium so I don't know what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Louie

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5 years ago

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I wish we all worked like little puppets and we could tweak one thing without it affecting something else. However, everything is pretty much intertwined and most of the healthy foods we eat are great for heart health in general which means better cholesterol numbers and healthy blood pressure readings. Our body does do a great job at regulating these when they are out of balance (if you're doing the right things like eating healthy and exercising, etc.) and when they are not controlled by medications. The only thing I can recommend is to discuss w/ your Dr. the appropriate dosage for your medications or if there are other options that will help with the anxiety but not affect blood pressure. I'm not a Dr. so I'm not sure what's available, but something to look into...
Blasting should not be a cause for concern, but like we mentioned before, it does help improve those numbers so it's a good idea to check back in w/ your Dr. after a while to make sure your care is on the right path.
Thanks Krista made an appointment to talk with Doc lets see what he says, after all I still have like 30 more pounds to loose to be at my normal weight for my height, thanks for your reply. Louie

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