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Do I need to follow the user guide or can I make my own plan for hormone balancing?

I'm looking at a few of the recipes for for mood enhancers and hormonal balancing that I'd lke to try. I see tho in the user guide book that it recommends phase 1 that it suggests using milder greens at first etc etc. Does it make any difference as to what ones you use first? I see some of the phase one recommendations for getting started with the nutriblasts, I'd like to start with ones that address my issues first but the toxin cleansing and other ones look great too, Is it ok to kind of jump around and try different ones, or would the effects be better if u go from phase 1 and move forward? thanks for your suggestions

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5 years ago

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The phases are simply for those who want more direction. You can make the plan your own by switching things up! For those who are not used to eating a lot of veggies and fruits, the mild greens are more of a baby step into a healthier diet. However, if you want, jump right in. I think it's great to follow your own personal path since each one of us are different and there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Keep us posted on how it's going :)

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