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Does using fruit increase calorie content and sugar intake?

I am a new user. I am trying to limit my sugar intake and calorie intake. I have made two smoothies with veggies and fruit. I am concerned about the calories and sugar involved especially with the fruit. also, i eat salads daily and wonder why i need to use greens all the time. Is that necessary?

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4 years ago

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The more veggies in a day the better! You don't necessarily need to have greens in every Blast, but I do encourage you to add some type of veggie! When we make Blasts, the cellular walls of the plants are broken down more than what our teeth can do so therefore we most likely will absorb more of the nutrients than if we are eating a salad! You also want to include foods that are lower in sugar so you don't get a huge rise in blood glucose or insulin spike - greens and other veggies, along with nuts, seeds, and other boosts help slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. To help you monitor the calories and sugar content of your Blasts, I'd suggest this site here:

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