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Do I need to grind flax seed?

Can I use whole flax seed or do I need to grind it before I use it in the bullet?

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5 years ago

Official Answer

Some people prefer to grind them before they put them in their Blast, but I like to throw my flaxseeds in whole!

5 years ago

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You can! :) The Nutribullet can break them down in your smoothie.
I buy the Hodgson Mill milled flaxseed. which is sold at Walmart and other supermarkets. Inexpensive, and all ready ground.
So the Nutribullet does grind flax seeds? Whole flaxseeds are basically useless I read and are only good for fiber. Just wondering if the NutriBullet will GRIND them. Thanks
Yup, the NutriBullet will grind flax seeds =).
I buy the flax seed whole, and I like them whole in my oat meal. I grind them in my old coffee bean grinder when I need them ground. This does a great job on them. But the Nutribullet should be able to grind anything up to and including concrete but don't try that in a smoothie, it may get locked up somewhere.=)
James the new-be
What do flax seeds taste like?

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