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How can I address multiple problems and conditions?

See my subject title? And that is me. I have all those problems and would like to know if you know of a special mixture that I can incorporate to take care of all the above. I can't juice 3x a day. I was juicing the weight loss one and then felt I should be juicing the Diabetic juice but what about the blood circulation. And then there is the beet juice that someone told me for high blood pressure. You are the expert, please help. I have all of the problems I mentioned above and it all comes down to I'm fat and I need to lose weight. Losing weight will help, my doctor said with all the above, walking on my knee because I'm too fat, being a diabetic because I'm too fat, high blood pressure because I'm too fat and now the blood circulation and my ankles swelling everyday because I'm too fat. So I need to get UN FAT. What do you think? Should I put a juice together or drink separately? Thank you for your answer.

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5 years ago

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Here's what is true no matter what else: if you get more nutritional value out of the fresh veg and fruits and nuts and seeds in your daily diet, you will automatically be addressing ALL your health issues. Good food does not hurt your body; it nourishes it. How about doing TWO blasts a day? Assemble the recommended ingredients for ALL these conditions, then divided them up into two different combos. Then mix 'em up the next day. There is no WRONG way to combine these healthy ingredients.
BobbieAnne addressed this perfectly! First focus on nourishing yourself - almost any ingrediet you add to a Blast is a healthy choice that will help reduce inflammation (antioxidants), aid in weight loss (reduced calories and lots of fiber to keep you full), and is heart healthy (antioxidants and fiber) as well as can help control your blood sugar (fiber and protein). For specifics, please see all of our wonderful articles we have posted for each of these ailments (use the search function). You'll notice there's a pattern and they are all related.... so just Blast, Blast often and see the benefits come to life!
So glad you addressed this new user's post--and I am glad I have not mislead him in any dire way. What I love about this machine AND this site is that one can quickly return to trusting one's instincts becasuse good food quickly makes you feel good!
Turmeric powder on everything you eat will greatly reduce your need for any diabetic therapy including insulin shots. I use it for inflammation in my joints and I know it has to help your pancreas and liver as well.

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