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What foods can give me long-lasting energy?

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. And because I believe in the power of food, I was just wondering : is there a recipe that gives me energy all day round ? So not a boost of energy but a slow release of energy. Does that make sense ? ..... I think so. So, if there is such a recipe I would LOVE to get me a copy. Thank you in advance.

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4 years ago

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You can incorporate foods into your diet that will digest slowly and release energy at a slower rate, but you will have to consume these foods throughout the day. Focusing on protein in the morning can help stabilize digestion and hormones throughout the day. Complex carbs will also take longer to break down and will release glucose at a steady rate. Foods like sweet potatoes, whole rolled oats, quinoa, amaranth, millet, farrow, squash, beans (also good source of protein) are all foods that provide a sustained release of glucose (energy). I would also suggest checking out the recipes tab of this website and searching energy in the keyword search box. This will allow you to find recipes that can help provide your body with sustained energy.

4 years ago

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Thank you for your reply.
I will look into it TODAY !!

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