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Can you suggest recipes for thyroid health and weight loss?

My ENT discovered 3 Nodules on my right thyroid (2 large and 1 small).  The biopsy results are negative for cancer.  My Doctor plans to start me on thyroid medication (Synthroid) after he runs another test (nuclear scan) - I'm concerned about starting (for the first time), a "long term" medication. Although, its focus is to help the thyroid, what could it do to the rest of my health? Is it possible to nutrition to help reverse these thyroid issues? I ran my 1st 10k over  a year ago, and now gained a lot of weight. I would like your suggestions on recipes steering toward "thyroid health", and Weight loss please! Any other advice you may have is also greatly appreciated. I appreciate your help!

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5 years ago

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Hey there! I strongly suggest discussing the usage and possible side effects of the medication with your Dr. as I am not able to provide personalized health advice. In general, here are two articles that focus on thyroid health: Nutrition is something that is great to focus on, however, it depends on the underlying cause of a thyroid disorder as to whether or not it will impact your thyroid hormones and function. For more on thyroid and weight loss, I suggest using the search function on the home page...we have a wealth of helpful tools, tips, recipes, and ongoing forum topics!

Thanks for the articles and the advice.
I appreciate your time and help!


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