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Will bananas make me gain weight?

just a quick question here. im new on the scene with nutribullet but am very happy im here. im in pretty good shape and have been on the skinny side my whole life, but am not interested in gaining body fat. i keep seeing that bananas are worse that eggs or bacon when it comes to puting on body fat. So many nutribullet recipes cal for banana and i love them, i was even eating raw plantains a while ago, i read somewhere there more nutritios?? Could you help me out, is putting bananas in my veggie and proties smoothies going to help me not loose wieght? im doing P90x now and am in the fat shreding stage now and want to maximize it. Will bananas thow of plan to have a high protien and fat diet about then about 20% dv carbs. 

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4 years ago

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Bananas will not make you gain weight, especially when you are doing P90x. You need to carbs to fuel your workouts and having a smoothie is a great way to get nutrients into your body to help crush a workout! It is more important to look at overall diet when assessing what can lead to weight gain vs. one specific food. If you are drinking alcohol and consuming processed foods and refined sugars, I would be much more concerned about those foods rather than a banana.

4 years ago

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