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How do I use wheatgrass?

They tell us to trim the grass and throw it in the nutribullet.  Do you do this with water? Which blade do I use?  I put the wheat grass in the small cup and tried to extract the juice from the wheatgrass.  All it did was ball up the blades. of wheatgrass.  Also when I unscrewed the blades the grass was very hot and there was smoke in the cup.  Obviously I am doing something wrong.  Leave it up to me to complicate something which should be so simple. 

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5 years ago

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I just trim the wheat grass and throw it in the Nutribullet with everything else. A wheatgrass bullet has a mild grassy odor and flavor. I also use wheatgrass powder, when I do not have fresh available. Is this correct usage?
I used to put a handful of wheatgrass in my blasts until I found Frozen cubes of wheatgrass juice in my local sprouts. My cats and dobie would eat the grass so I would spend the money on live grass and only get to use it once. I'm sure they carry it in other health food stores. Just look in the frozen section where they keep other frozen fruits and veggies.
Note that it will not make wheatgrass juice as it retains the fiber. I suggest adding in about 1/4 cup (or a handful) into your Blast along w/ the other ingredients. This should blend up just like any other greens!

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