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What types of foods should I Blast and when?

hi, my name is jose rodriguez, im from newark,nj, i just purchased the nutri bullett and so happy with it, just that i need to know what to eat and not  to eat in order for the shakes to work on my system good, i also have difficulties drinking 2 shakes per day, i work from 7:00am til 4:00pm and in the morning i gotta have my coffee and butter roll or croissant, i take a break at 10:00am, 15minutes, at 12:00 lunch time, 30 minutes, but i will have to take all the fruits and the extractor to my job and is not comfortable,, i get home at 4 so i only can drink one shake, how can i do this? and what kind of food should i eat? thank you very much.

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5 years ago

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It is great to start off with just one Blast per day. Let this become your routine and see how you feel. I personally like to have my Blasts in the morning, it is easier for me to make them then. The best advice I can give you on your diet and what foods to eat is to eat clean.

Try to avoid processed, prepackaged and fried foods. Anything that you can make for yourself is better, that way you know exactly what went into it. If the foods you are eating has ingredients that you can not pronounce, don't eat it. Include fresh produce, meats, nuts seeds and superfoods for a healthy diet.

5 years ago

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