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Is ceylon cinnamon safe for diabetics?

i know cinnamon is  very good  for  diabetics, however there are 2 types of  cinnomen cssia and  ceylon. all the research  done  on animals and  humans  have been done  useing the cssia cinnomen however this cinnomen is  very toxic. so  much  so  that  sprlinkling this type  on your breakfast cereal only 3 times a week  can cause  serious  liver damage. on the  other  hand the ceylon cinnomen has had literally no  research done on it at all  and  many experts say this type has  no affect at all on diabetes. please advise me on which type to take and what should be the reccomeneded daily dose.

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4 years ago

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That is a hard question to answer based on the research that is available. It may be best to look for alternative solutions for controlling blood sugar like using low glycemic fruits like peaches, pears, apples, berries, cherries and figs and combing carbs with proteins or healthy fats to slow down the rate glucose is released into the blood stream.

4 years ago

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