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How can I get started with NutriBullet?

I need to lose about 60 pounds but I don't have much motivation. How can I get started? I purchased a nutribullet and I love it but what plan do I follow? I would like to lose weight, increase energy, relieve stress. I need to get started.

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6 years ago

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Bmswans, a good place to start could be to go ahead and jump right in with the 6 Week Transformation Plan outlined in the user guide and recipe book. If you got the Natural Healing Foods book, it is in there too along with more tasty recipes and valuable information.

Or you can start off slow if this is a big transition from what you are used to eating. Maybe start with a small cup of spinach and 2 of your favorite fruits along with a "boost" of your choice! You can slowly add more ingredients and more veggies vs. fruits.

If NutriBlasting for weight loss, I recommend using it as a meal substitute. Head over to our Weight Loss forum for some other great advice that has already been posted and feel free to ask some specific questions. We have a great group of NutriBlasters who are happy to share what has worked for them!

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