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What recipes can help with gallbladder issues?

My mother in law is 85 has gallbladder issues. they won't do surgery due to age/heart stint/blood pressure issues she doesn't eat well or much but will drink smoothies there any recipes i can use that might help ?

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5 years ago

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You can search this website for recipes. Click the recipes tab, scroll to keywords, and type the condition you want in the search bar. For gallbladder health try eating as much as 7 cups of vegetables daily - half greens and half brightly colored. Some great choices include greens (which help make bile thinner allowing it to flow more easily and lowers the risk of gallstones). Veggies that are particularly good at enhancing bile production include radishes, beets, beet tops, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. Gallstones often develop from a deficiency of bile. Stress and high cortisol deplete bile, high estrogen levels, low stomach acid, and processed foods hinder bile production and can lead to gallstones. If you have gallstones, some options to enhance bile production include: 1) before the start of every meal, take a supplement of bile salts (not vegetarian) or concentrated beet powder (vegan). 2) Take a supplement of stone root, an herb that helps to dissolve stones and is available in tea, pill or tincture form. 3) Eat some saturated fat from wild fatty fish or cold-pressed coconut oil to signal the liver to produce bile 4) Eat more veggies 5) Avoid nuts, nut butters, peanuts, large fatty meals, calcium carbonate (b/c it reduces stomach acid). If your gallbladder has been removed follow the same steps above for those with gallbladders, but omit stone root and instead take bile salt supplement before breakfast and again before lunch and dinner if you have bloating or other symptoms. Cut back to only at breakfast when symptoms are resolved.

5 years ago

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most of the store bought drinks are loaded in sugars etc i was hoping i could make her a few blast that would be healthy and not add to her discomfort

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