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How can I get the most benefit from the Blasts for specific body systems?

I have the nutribullet natural healing foods book and it has wonderful information and blast recipes for all of our body systems, cardiovascular, muscular, etc. I am wondering to cover all these systems, should i stay with one system for a week then move on to another, how should i do my blast to get the best benefit for my systems? Please help.  I'm 59 and female if that helps. And by the way..I love my nutribullet! Greatest invention evaaaaa!

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5 years ago

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Please keep in mind that Blasts are not like prescription medications...there is no specific amount that we can say to help with a particular ailment. Each person is different. The foods we use in the specific Blasts are noted for containing vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that can benefit that particular body system. The idea is to add those into your daily diet. In addition, variety is important so I'd say to change it up every so often and focus on that particular section more often!

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