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How can I add protein to my Nutriblasts?

I am hypoglycemic and never have symptoms. I started drinking this and got symptoms right away. I had to eat something too as i was STARVING. NOT cool. Im this something that i will only be able to have with my meals as its not enough for me? I'm willing to give this a shot still. I put veggies and fruit in and nuts but I have to have a high protein diet as I work out am already a very thin person as I work out a lot. I need some ideas before it goes back to the store.

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5 years ago

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Sharee, great question. In your situation I think you need to have a blast as a snack along with meals. You can always add extra protein powder to the blast.

I will many times use pumpkin seeds, almonds and protein powder along with kale, carrots, green apple, cucumber, avocado, red bell pepper, ginger and lemon. If you are hypoglycemic you need more complex carbohydrates along with the protein.

What are you using in your blast and are you using the small cup or the big cup?

Healthy wishes
Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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I use Protein Powder every morning my breakfast blast. I get it at Walmart for about $10 for a two week supply. Comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors, I use the Vanilla.
The beauty of the NutriBullet is that you can add a variety of different ingredients based on your needs. If you need to up your calories, choose highly caloric foods like avocado, nuts, nut butters, and seeds. For extra protein, these things work as well in addition to some organic greek yogurt (if you eat dairy), protein powders, or even some organic silken tofu or beans (yes, I've used garbanzo beans in my Blasts and they are pretty good!). Wally's suggestion to eat this in addition to your meals might be what you need. Experiment with combinations to see what works for you. I'm sure there's a way you'll find it beneficial - no need to return it :)
Today i put in a small amount of cauliflower beans and a radish, then for fruit i put in some mangos appe pieces, and blueberries then added walnuts almonds and peanut butter. It tastes awful though. :( I use the large cup
It may just take some time to find the combinations you like! The beans and radish are two that are hard to blend in with other flavors. Maybe try this combination: Spinach, broccoli, pineapple, mango, coconut flakes, walnuts, hemp seeds, a bit of almond butter, and coconut water!
Monkfruit...have people here been using it? Once I found it I love it--anyone have any input about the product? I'm new, so if this is in the wrong place I apologize.
I have never used it because I have never known where to find it. Where did you purchased this?
Hey Sarah you can find monk fruit at your local grocery store in the baking isle by the sugar
Or you can just make an all fruit blast and get your monk fruit that way.maybe
I always use a scoop of protein powder like Vega One, Sunwarrior or Garden of Life Raw Protein powder. This helps to keep me staying full and have a more balanced blood sugar. Also try using low glycemic fruits like berries, cherries, apples, pears, grapefruits, figs, peaches and apricots. Make sure your liquids are unsweetened almond milk or regular water. Try hemps seeds, chia seeds or flax seeds for healthy fats and to help balance blood sugar.
Sara, About the Monk Fruit: I read about it two weeks ago. I found some at Target that same day--but it's those icky little packets for coffee and tea--put out by the "In the Raw" group. Keep an eye out on the sugar aisle where they put the Stevia, Splenda, and others. A few days later I found a small squeeze bottle at Safeway (Safeway's brand) and snapped up a bunch of them. I've been giving them away to friends who, like me, love sweets and don't want sugar. The little bottle is packaged just like that Mio energy stuff you squirt into water. I think they were $3.99. It's convenient and I drink more water now than I used to. One friend told me it's the sweetener used in Kashi's cereals. I read that Coca Cola is to release products with Stevia--they should have waited...(I think) Monk Fruit is much better. Szabo
I haven't seen that product but I have heard of Nectresse which is Splenda's new 0 calories sweetener. I think it is misleading that they are marketing it as monk fruit extract because the first ingredients are erythritol and sugar. My favorite sweetener to use is stevia, I am even growing a stevia bush in my backyard and the leaves are so sweet. The closer to nature you can get the better! I will have to check out the liquid product you are talking about, sounds interesting!
Good point on checking the first ingredients. I am always cautious. Other sweeteners will actually trigger cravings - that's not going to help anyone!! Thank you everyone for the great information!
I just started NB and do not like meat or animal products so I just purchased the bag of protein powder here to add to my blast. Also Hemp protein powder can be purchased at any whole foods onbr organic market and I use that to make smoothies because it is good for cholesterol problems which is why I started using that. I can put that in the NB also.
September 27, 2013

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